Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another sneak peek!

Okay - so I couldn't resist! Anther peek of a detail shot from a page in my "I AM A UNICORN!" book. For whatever reason I am completely in love with these scissors and glue! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's been a rough couple of weeks. Everyone was sick - multiple times - and the weather has been so very cold and snowy. But while we were all stuck inside I managed to write and sketch an entire book!  This will probably be all I show for a long time because I'm going package it up and submit it to literary agents. If it never gets anywhere - I will not be sad or frustrated. I will learn something from every rejection and just keep trying. It needs to be done. Wish me luck! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

FREE Valentine's Day Download!

Still looking for last-minute Valentine's for kids?


Go ahead! Have these!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Postcard Time!

So I officially made my first self-promotional postcard to send out. It's really tough - to know what to put out there. But - if they don't know they exist - then they can't hire me. Right? Here are a few process shots of my postcard drawing. 

Step 1: 
Ideas! Sketch, sketch, sketch. I decided on a summer/playing theme. Most publishers and companies work months in advance, and I wanted to focus on outside fun. So I picked a variety of outside fun activities and started sketching. There were actually pages and pages of sketches. Because most of what I do is digital, I tend to sketch fast and loose, and don't worry about clean up until after i have my composition. Below are the final characters I stuck with.

Step 2:
After I had a handful of  characters I liked, I had to arrange them on a scene. It currently looks pretty sparse and boring - but I knew that I would add in clouds and flowers and trees and other stuff that I didn't bother to sketch in. (sometimes photoshop is waaaaaaaaay faster).

Step 3:
Color blocking. I've done this step in both photoshop and illustrator. AND if it's not a very complex project - photoshop works just fine. But this one had a lot of parts - and it's easier to change things in illustrator. ALSO (pro tip!) stay organized! Use layers and group items that stay together! This step is really long and sometimes quite boring. 

Step 4:
Textures, highlights/shadows, details. The MOST fun part of illustrating is making all the little details. I like giving things cute faces (like the sun and the bee). Photoshop is much easier for this step. I have a variety of brushes that I am partial to for textures and lines. 

 And here is the final piece! Back and Front. 
(of course I had to include all those crazy little fishes i've been drawing)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A bible verse for kids.

Step #3: textures, lines, highlights and shadows added in photoshop. 

step #1: sketch out ideas... (this is actually a finalized version of the sketch, really there are 4 pages of scribbles - characters in different poses - including a turtle who got cut from the final scene)
Step #2: Color block in illustrator. very boring and flat. If it were to be a vector file, highlights, shadows and details would have been added here - but I intended to take it into photoshop to finish it off. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

A few things from the past couple weeks.

What happens when you're a freelancer is that when you get a job - an actual paying job - you tend to ignore your social media and own personal websites. I've been around. I just haven't posted a whole lot in the past weeks. But here is a glimpse into a few of the things that I've done. 

For starters: I SIGNED ANOTHER BOOK CONTRACT! I'm really excited to be working on this one. It's only been a few weeks - but the storyboard has already been approved and I'm currently eyeball-deep into sketches. Obviously I can't say or show anything now - but I will keep you posted with any sneak peeks and release announcements. 

Silly Valentine's doodle. (Pentel Brush Pen - which I love!)

A little ink and watercolor pattern play. I need to work more on patterns. They are VERY important for freelance illustrators and I'm still not very good! But I really like the combination of india ink and watercolor on this. When I get a chance I'll clean it up and make it a real repeating pattern. 

I've spent some time getting rid of the black lines on those fishes I've been drawing. I don't know that I like it "better" - but I do like it. I do tend to find myself liking black lines. I know it makes things more comic-y and cartoon-y - and a lot of illustrators consider them to be a crutch. And I've taken classes and done tutorials on how to get rid of them. But hey, I like what I like. (also - if you do your lines well - black lines make coloring so much faster!)

These two are sketchbook doodles. I've been forcing myself to use more ink and color in my sketchbook. It forces me to accept the imperfections and to not care so much about mistakes. 

And this guy here, is a logo I made for a construction business. Personally, I think it's pretty awesome. It's probably the most punny - yet totally appropriate - thing I've made since the cows came home. Literally. (see below)

Promo postcard for my husband's business. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Funny Fishes!

I found myself doodling some funny fishes and really fell in love with them. Here are a few product mock-ups and a free coloring page! I also put them up over at Society6.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Printable Valentines on Etsy!

Hi friends! I put all those cute children's Valentines up on Etsy as a printable download. The price is very reasonable, so if you are interested in some unique and super cute Valentines for your kids, this is it!

 I made them with the preschool age in mind (mostly because my daughter is in preschool) but they are appropriate for pretty much anyone. There are four on the downloadable pdf - on Etsy, as soon as you pay the file downloads - and they are pretty gender neutral - but I did include a kitty which is more 'girly'. 

Here is the link! I hope you enjoy them!

Here are a few process pics (pardon my bad photography). I printed them on some white yardstick that we had here in the house. It wasn't super high quality - but it will do fine for a child's school party. And you can see that they just started as scribbles in my notebook.