Tuesday, August 25, 2015

$5 DOLLAR DOWNLOADS! Now available in my Etsy Shop.

Affordable art for EVERYONE!
$5 Dollar Downloads from My Etsy Shop:

I've spent the last few years raising kids and working on my illustration. 

I wouldn't say that everything I've made in the past few years is worth showing or selling - but I have made quite a few things that I think other people might enjoy. 

So I made the decision to start offering them online at an affordable price. I'm not getting rich off these things - but why let all that practice, hard-work, early mornings and late nights go to waste?

I've already made them. They were just sitting on my hard drive taking up space. 
And now, they are ready for you to enjoy!

(these last two are my personal favorites: wolves and foxes)

Most of the ones I've offering at this inexpensive price take advantage of a single or spot color and a faux screen print texture or effect. Meaning - if you buy it and print it on nice paper - 

I plan to keep on repurposing some of my old practice pieces into $5 downloads. So every once in a while check out everything I have to offer. 

Affordable art for EVERYONE!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Master of Disaster available on BoomBoomPrints!

I made the decision to start posting some of my designs on BoomBoomPrints.com. They make clothing and accessories geared more toward kids and moms and nurseries. I feel like this fits my style and personality a little bit more than Society6. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Family logos and lettering.

I've been working on some ideas for family logos and address labels to add to my Etsy shop. Here are a few that I have up so far. I want to create something that can be used multiple times, whether it be simply on envelopes, or on family gifts (reunion t-shirts, mugs, bags) - especially since there are so many different companies that print on usable items at such reasonable prices. 

See it in my Etsy Shop!
 Each design I create will come with two versions: 
1. Includes address - ideal for envelopes 
2. Without address - ideal for products 
 See it in my Etsy Shop!
 I'm also having a lot of fun making these grungy, rubber-stamped effects. The files are created all in illustrator, so they are vector files and can be enlarged as big as a family would need (just incase someone needs to make a banner to hang for  a reunion).
 See it in my Etsy Shop!

The idea is to make something more unique than previous generations' address labels (ya know - the boring old monogramed circle), giving each label a specific identity - something that describes your family perfectly. 

(I love this wolf and this saying - but I'm not quite sure how to fit it into a family logo yet!)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Lucky Ducky" (UPDATED!)

The latest book I illustrated by Barbara Carpenter (published by Raconteur House) is officially for sale on Amazon.  (I will post and update you more when the book is officially available.) Here are a few peeks of my favorite scenes. And a few of the original sketches.

Lucky Ducky goes on a journey - and here are a few of the friends he meets along the way. 

Other than the original storyboard - all of my sketches were done directly in photoshop (the blue lines  on the left are my original sketches). This is the first time I did all of my sketching digitally and honestly - I really think I prefer that over pencil and paper! Obviously, nothing beats the portability of  a sketchbook - but when you are trying to accomplishing something quickly and you know you are going to need to erase over and over again - nothing beats a digital sketch.