Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MonsterBug and Chicks.

Everyone and their cat are drawing monsters for halloween - so I thought I would switch it up and draw some MonsterBUGS! Fun, huh? no? (well not all ideas fly) (get it?) (FLY!) So here is the first. Hopefully I'll have a  few more done before halloween gets here! 

(the funny thing is that I actually need to get moving on Christmas ideas!)

And you can't tell me these chicks aren't cute. They are! I'm going to do more of these as well then put them all together in a poster.  Unfortunately the first couple I did I made too small for print - since I was just doodling around - so I will have to go back and redraw these two larger. But no matter. Drawings are always better and faster the second (or third, or fourth) time around. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

what i've done in the past week

Here are a few drawings that I've done in the past week, plus some random sketchbook pages. 
Sometimes I still feel like I like my sketches more than the finished version, but I also know I'm getting better. 

I've also been super busy with real, actual paid work - which is exciting - but of course I can't really share much of that until it is published. So to the casual observer, it might seem as though I'm not doing much, even though I'm working like a mad woman.

I've been playing around with these funny shaped dudes... I really like them! Also, Henry helped me do a little coloring . 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's here!

They're here! A great, big heavy box of books was delivered by Mailman Dave today (and yes, my mailman's name is Dave)! So if you ordered an art print and signed copy from my Etsy page - I will get those in the mail TOMORROW. And if you haven't ordered one yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Click HERE to order it directly from the publisher.

Go HERE to order an ORIGINAL DRAWING and a signed book from me!

Friday, October 3, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE! Closet Creep a not so scary monster story.

My very first book is now available!
I feel like I've been waiting forever to say that.

Of course you can just order it off of Amazon... but why do that when you can get your very own SIGNED copy! 

Over on my Etsy page, I put up a posting for a signed copy of the book along with an ORIGINAL 8x10 INKED DRAWING! 

Here is the link:

This is a sample of the 8x10 that I am going to draw for you as a very special thank you for supporting me in my new career. Each one will be done by hand, so there may be slight variances in wording, size of letters, etc. All will be done in india ink on acid free paper. 

Please allow a few weeks for me to make your drawing and get it shipped out to you. 

Here's a little peek of some of the interior writing that I did for the book.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I did this past week...

I don't really know if there is anyone that can perfectly write a word the first time. Me... I write pages and pages and pages of the same word over and over and over and over - until whatever it is I'm writing doesn't even look like a word any more!

I officially signed the contract on book #2 last week! 
And I am very excited to get working on another project. The above crab is a little, tiny sneaky-peek of of something I was working on for that book. 

Look at how cute these peas are! Two peas in a pod!!! I can't wait to show the entire piece, but please. Let's just all stop and admire how adorable these guys really are!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Original sketch (left) and revised sketch along with detail (below)

Just some more practice. I sketched up this cute pup and posted him to instagram a few nights ago - then decided that I should refine the sketch a bit and color him. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Drawing practice

Here are a few things I've been playing around with this week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Candy Grant asked me to draw her a little avatar for her social media similar in style to my own. My 5-year-old daughter asked what I was doing and I explained that Candy asked me to draw a picture of her reading a book. My daughter sat there for a minute studying my sketches and scribbles then said, "Maybe you should just stick to drawing funny cartoons and monsters. I don't think you're very good at drawing people."

Maybe she's right!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Personal Challenge.


One of the things that I've been working on personally is to make my illustrations look more like my sketches. A lot of the time I sketch out these cute little thumbnails, then when got to vector or paint them in Photoshop, I'm not always 100% happy. Could be that I'm just being pick, or it could be that I just need more practice. 

In this example I had sketched up these cute little simple-shaped people and while I wanted them to color them in photoshop, I also wanted them to maintain some of their sketchy personality. I purchased some brushes from Kyle T Webster. I got the Ultimate Drawing set because, while I'm a huge champion for making my own brushes - I tend to make brushes mostly for textures and backgrounds - which are not very useful for drawing. (I really only used two or three of his brushes in this test because I haven't had a lot of time to work with the others yet.)

I like the end results here!